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History Of Sukabumi City Indonesia

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The word Sukabumi is derived from the Sundanese ‘suka’ and ‘bumen., lt was said that because the air was cool and fresh, those who came to settle here would no longer want to move elsewhere, They id ,like. (likes) ‘becoming a resident. (bumen) of this area.

ln 1914, the Government of the Netherlands East lndies made Kota Sukabumi (Sukabumi Town, which has developed into a SukabumiCity) a “Burgerlijk Bestuur” wrth a status of ” Gemeente ” for the reason tbat many people of tbe Netherlands and Europeans lived here They were owners of plantations in the southern part of Sukabumi Regency who deserved privileges.

  Olahraga Rekreasi: Pengertian, Perkembangan, Potensinya di Sukabumi

Since the stipulation of Sukabumi as an autonomous region in May 1926, the official “Burgemeester” was appointed, namely: Mr. GFR Rambonnet. At this time, a train station, a Grand Mosque, a church and a power plant were built. GF.Rambonnet ordered three “Burgemesteester” as his replacement, namely; Mr. WM Ouwekerk, Mr. A LA Van Unend and Mr. W.J. PH Van Waning.

Sukabumi city mayor all the time
*Sukabumi City Mayor all the time

Source : Portal SukabumiKota

article about sukabumi: Olahraga Rekreasi: Pengertian, Perkembangan, Potensinya di Sukabumi


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